Booking of studio time can be a complicated and expensive process. Most studios will charge hourly rates with additional costs for a producer etc.

More often than not, the whole process ends up being a lot more expensive than you expected. Not with Soundscourt. We give control back to the artist and give more flexibility.


Normal Price (GHS)Promo Price (GHS)
Soundtrack or Jingle250125 / hour
Beat & Recording Only500350
Mixing and Master500300
Full Track1000550
Cover Design Only500250
Studio Video Cover20001000
Studio Booking Only800 / 12hours500 / 12hours
Our promotion price may change at any giving time. Please call us to arrange your session. Sometimes we can fit in last minute bookings. Minimum of 50% deposit is required before you can start any project with SC.
Our cancellation policy is:
No show or cancellation of your project attract a penalty of GHS 100
Moving a session counts as cancellation