Grimes’ 10-month-old baby plays a Teenage Engineering OP-1 synth, proving that it really is a children’s toy

Whether musical talent is genetic remains open to debate, but it certainly seems that electronic
artist Grimes’ son X Æ A-12 could be a chip off the old synth-loving block.

In a heartwarming Instagram story, the 10-month-old can be seen tinkering with a Teenage
Engineering OP-1, while his proud mother looks on in the background.

Of course, this might add fuel to the argument that the OP-1 is more of a child’s plaything than a
serious synth, but we applaud Grimes’ decision to start X Æ A-12 – pronounced ‘X Ash Twelve’, we
believe – on his music production journey early.
We do hope the little chap doesn’t break that OP-1, though, as a replacement wouldn’t come cheap.
That said, given that his other parent is a certain Elon Musk, we’re guessing that buying another one
wouldn’t be a problem.

It does seem that X Æ A-12 has inherited more of his mother’s musical ability than his father’s,
though, which has to be a good thing.